Monday, April 27, 2009

[April 16] Meet My Newest Co-Worker

A baby cheetah. Cutest thing ever.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

[April 13] Gymnastics Class

About a month before I got my new job, I signed Choobie up for a mommy and me gymnastics class. Little did I know that I would be working ALL THE TIME and would miss the first two classes so far. My mom took him to his first class which he absolutely loved. Since he had such a great time, Dan decided to take him to the second class and took these photos. I am REALLY sad that I am missing out but REALLY happy that choobie is having fun and learning so much. This is his teacher "Miss Mary" who he adores. I think it has to do with the fact that she calls him Luke Skywalker.
Climbing on a ladder all by himself!

Doing a pull up way better than his momma!
You can't really tell in this picture but he is hanging and lifting his legs. What a strong little boy!

The trampline is his favorite! Now I know what to get him for Christmas.
About to do a summersalt down the ramp.
Class involves jumping, jumping, and more jumping. Choob loves it!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

[April 12] Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt at Grandma & Grandpas

We didn't tell Choob about the Easter egg hunt. We planned to eat dinner and then explain how to hunt for eggs hidden around Grandmas house. When we arrived, Choobie started spotting eggs immediately and began gathering them up and opening them. We let him find a couple and then attempted to sit down to dinner. He kept seeing eggs from his high chair and pointing them out so he ran around and collected eggs while we ate. And ate. And ate. Choobie loved finding all the eggs and consuming their contents.

He was really into the Egg Hunt this year and got so excited when he found each egg.
He LOVES to carry around his Easter basket over his shoulder like a bag. I think it's the perfect accessory to his lovely Easter outfit.
Dan and his Easter Bag.
My Sweet Boys.
The Loot
Thanks for a great time Grandma & Grandpa!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

[April 12] Easter Sunday at Church

We have early morning church which I LOVE. I was especially excited because our sacrament meetings are AMAZING on holidays. The musical talent in our ward is extreme and professional. (come to our ward on Christmas and you will be blown away) It was so nice to sit and enjoy all the musical numbers on the day marked to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Choobie loves the music too. That little boy has a song in his heart.

Since I don't have a daughter to buy an Easter dress for, I convinced Dan to let me purchase an outfit for the Choob. I loved it. Dan did not. I told him he is lucky I didn't buy the peach sweater vest like I wanted to, opting instead for the ultra manly aqua. After church I insisted we conduct an impromptu photo shoot to document the cuteness.We tried to get him to pose next to this tree and quickly realized that 2 year olds do not pose.
There was a lot of running, pine cone throwing and flower picking to be done.

We love this sweet little boy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[April 12] Easter Morn

The night before Easter we told The Choob that he had to go to bed so the Easter Bunny could come and leave him a basket. This REALLY stressed him out and he kept saying that he, "didn't want the Easter Bunny to come into my house!" Disaster was averted when Dad volunteered to stay up and unlock the door and let the Easter Bunny in to deliver the basket with the promise to promptly lock him out again once he was done.Choobie woke up Easter morning and asked, "Is the Easter Bunny sitting out on the couch waiting for me?" After we coaxed him out of his room, he was excited at the basket waiting for him.
A few things from the nickel auction and a pack of glow in the dark bugs from big lots sure did make this kid happy!
This is him nuzzling the baby cheetah in a book he got. He loves kitties in all forms.

Choobie LOVES mints. He would eat them all day long if he could. He also loves anything mint flavored. Which is why I have to hide all the toothpaste in my house.
Easter wouldn't be complete without a little splurge from Dad. He brought home this Star Wars/Play Dough combo. Does life get any better?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

[April 10] Dying of the Eggs

All naked up and ready to get messy. With no less than two light sabers in hand of course. We decided to let Choob do whatever he wanted to his eggs this year. I hoped to unleash his creativity and expected 3 brown eggs as a result from all the multiple dips and mixing of the colors. Choob had other plans. He chose to dip one egg in each color. Classic OCD Choobie. He ended up with beautiful eggs.
Hard boiled eggs are fun.
Especially when you balance them on the little egg holder.
Such balance and precision as he lowered the first egg into the dye.
Then he switched to the 'ol use your hands and make a mess method.
Beautiful pastel eggs.
I HATE vinegar so we used water in our dye kit and he ended up with really lightly colored eggs.
A proud little boy with his creations. His parents were even prouder.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

[March 28] A Day With My Dude

The Choob wanted to go to Sea World. Luckily my pass doesn't expire until next week. It was so fun. I didn't have people with me or anyplace to be later in the day so I decided to let Choobie do whatever he wanted while we were there. He of course chose to run. For about an hour. No joke. Just back and forth, up and down all over this grassy field. He likes me to be a cheetah or a wumpa (from star wars) and chase him forever. So that's what we did. Until he got tired.
Wild Arctic was next on the list of demands. It was cool as usual but extra cool because ALL THREE polar bears were out and one was rolling around in a pile of real snow.
One of my favorite picutres of Choobie was taken last year at Sea World. He was resting on a curb in front of a flower bed and didn't know we were taking his picutre. It just turned out so sweet. So of course I tried to replicate it. I was all, "Choobie, come sit down on this curb and smile at momma." This is what I got:
Then I got the 'ol Darth Maul face. So much for a sweet picture huh?
Then we were off to play the "dino video game" (Jurassic Park). I hope he never realizes that those things need money to work. He has fun just pretending for now. After shooting several T-Rex's, it was off to the play place for more running.
And lots of Jumping
And Summersalting
Today Choobie learned how to do a summersalt. He saw another little girl doing them and then got down into a "stinkbug" and fell over to the side. It was priceless! He just kept doing them until it was time to go. We both had a blast and came home to nap. Awesome day. Awesome boy.