Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007

When Dan Babysits

Mom runs to the store while Dad babysits. In most cases mom returns home to find child sleeping on the floor in front of the TV. See I wasn't kidding about the binky's or the alligator snapper. It's hard to find a picture of him without his best friends nearby.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Where did this bird lover come from?

So ever since this choober came outta the chute he has been OBSESSED with birds! This posed quite a problem in our family since Dan has been known to maim birds with blow darts & I prefer to steer clear of all the flapping and the beedy eyes and the beaking. We have determined that the bird loving gene is a generation skipping one that Luke has obtained from his great grandma Edna, also known as the ultra megazord of bird lovers. We will be so excited when Luke is old enough to carry his own binoculars and can go on weekend "birding" trips (yes these are an actual thing with a great many people in attendance) with GG Edna so we don't have to stop and gawk at every sparrow and pigeoto from here to Alaska. After looking at this picture I am just now realizing that the birds might be flocking towards my nest of a hairdo. Seriously what is going on with that pone?

For the Love of Binky's

No one has or ever will love binky's more than Luke Prigmore. No one.

The Best Toy Ever

The best $3.20 we have ever spent was on this alligator snapper toy from the SD Zoo. As you can see, Luke will NOT let this thing and all its awesomeness out of his sight. Or hands while he's sleeping. Or fists while you are trying to buckle him into the annoying 5 point harness. Or grip while he's in the bathtub. Or food covered paws while I'm feeding him in the chair. You get the point. He loves this thing. It is really embarrassing now because he's dropped it a thousand times and the head keeps breaking off so we duck taped it back on and it's all crooked and covered with weeks worth of baby food but he still refuses to let go of it. Try explaining that to the snooty lady scoffing at the diseased & dilapidated snapper in your kids mouth at the grocery store check out line.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Best Chair Ever

Who needs an eighty dollar high chair when you can have the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat for $22.67 and Free shipping on Amazon? Seriously this is the BEST chair ever for those of you who live in 500 square feet like we do. It even folds up so you can take her on the go. Luke is feeding himself Rice Puffs right now. It is a long arduous process for Luke to get those fluffy little things in his mouth. My guess is he will burn about 200 calories in his attempt to ingest the 3 rice puffs that don't even equal one calorie when added together. Good job Gerber Food Company. He also watches TV in his little chair
Sometimes he does this weird face in his chair for no reason. Click on the picture for a good laugh.

First Swing

Luke went on his first swing in May. I do realize that was 6 months ago. Lets just say that "a little behind on posts" is an understatement in my case. So please, enjoy pictures of our kid that were taken eons ago.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Families Need Your Help

Just wanted to put up a quick post. I'll write more about our story with the fires later. We were one of the lucky families that returned home last night to a house still standing. Many of you know that my family lost their house in the cedar fires 4 years ago tomorrow and many of you helped us in our time of need. It's time to help out again!! For those of you not living in san diego, please help out by calling the red cross and making a donation 1-800-HELPNOW or click on this link and you can donate in many different ways :
If you live in San Diego please gather up things to drop off at the main information/refuge centers. If you want to donate to Poway click on the link below:

Speaking from experience, I PROMISE you EVERY little bit makes a difference.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

You are Going Down "Boys age 0-4"

So GAP is having a photo contest and these are the 5 pictures I submitted of Luke for his category "Boys age 0-4." They judge 1/3 on personality, 1/3 on picture quality, and 1/3 on overall appearance of the child. I'm sure our pals Ambrose, Gregory, and Finn will give Luke some very tough competition but at the risk of sounding cocky, our kid is totally going to win. Come on, seriously. Winner right? The wonder of Disneyland
Ready to eat
What other 1 year old wears a newsies hat and does the sniffer while playing ball all at the same time? Talk about personality. He's a shoe in!
Not sure how to explain this one. What?
Classic Choobie

Can I have a car too?

After playing with his cousin Wesley's toy car, mom & dad finally purchased a toy for one deprived little boy. Here is Dan & Luke assembling the car.
Big ol helper. Click on the above picture for a closer look at yet another classic expression from this child. I call this one "deer in headlights"
All done! Luke is the proud owner of a pusher car thingy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Dan!

Dan has four loves in his life: Star Wars, Chocolate milk, nachos and me. I hope not in that order but you never know. While he got a lot of great stuff for his birthday (padre tickets, 007 movie, money etc.) his favorite gift was this Nacho Cake made by Tyson & Alex. Good job guys!

Next Stop-- The Wild

Backseat Boys

Please click on this picture and look at Luke's face. What?

Riding the new tram at the Wild

Little Wes

Cookie Time

Monday, May 14, 2007

Disneyland with the Hier's

The Hier's came for a visit and we went to Disneyland. The cousins had a blast at the magic kingdom. We wish they lived closer to us!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Who is this little Gremlin?


This is how Luke Reads a Book

So First he starts off all innocent looking, "Momma I'm just going to read this book by myself so you get out of here please."
Then when I'm not looking he does this.
Then if I don't pay attention to him for a long time he does this. Yup rips the covers right off the book.
Then when I bust him he does this. "Whats the big deal momma? I'm just reading."

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Final Wedding Fotos

Myyyyyyyy Friend
Boleros? What the crap Heidi? Seriously!

Old Hawaiian roomies. Da Kine!

Ahoy Matey Wedding Style

In my opinion, no one should leave this earth without seeing Ahoy Matey in person. No one. If you are one of the privileged who have seen this 'once in a lifetime show' you understand.

Party Time

Here are some pictures from the reception. It was sooooo fun to see old friends again! You know you have a good friend when you don't see them for like 4 years and when you do see them it's like you never left. Totally cliche but totally true. Thanks to Dan for watching the child on his own while I was gone. What a wonderful Husband. He didn't even get mad about the car crash and the loss of our Hawaiian vacation. I am one lucky lady. Love you babes!

A Celebration for the Snade

Heidi's Wedding was absolutely beautiful as was she on her special day. Here are some pictures of the bride & groom. Ben is a TOTAL sweetie and really loves Heidi and they look so cute together! If you click on the "View All Images" button you can see the pictures in color.

Friday, May 11, 2007

It was the Best of Times....It was the WORST of Times

So, I flew up to Washington the day before Heidi's wedding and rented a car to make the long drive from Seattle to Camano Island. The lady at Enterprise was all, "do you want the insurance? It's only $150.99 extra" Being the cheap momma that I am I was all, "I think my GEICO insurance will cover it." Thinking in my mind, I am only going to be here for 2 days and only on the road for like 4 hours total...what are the chances I'll get in a wreck. I've never been in a wreck my entire life. Then little miss pushy rental agent kept asking me like a thousand times if I wanted the insurance and I kept saying no, each time a little louder and meaner. So finally before I paid for the car, she said, "sign here here here here here & here to decline the rental insurance." That's right. Six times I signed my name on a carbon triplicate copy declining the rental insurance. Long story short, I rear ended a guy because some idiot in Camano Island thought it would be a great idea to put a stoplight in the middle of a friken bridge! I was only going 10mph and NOTHING happened to the 1985 Toyota Carolla I nudged. Shout out to Toyotas. Seeing his car unscathed, I thought:"Okay when I get out and look at my car there will probably be no damage. I wasn't going that fast and his old beater car is fine." Boy was I WRONG! This little gem I rented called KIA Optima was a huge piece of crap as shown in the picture above. So I immediately start bawling my eyes out and then Don, Eag's wonderful dad leaves work and comes to rescue me and the cop comes and was all "don't cry. You're going to make me cry." and then writes me a ticket! Luckily the man I hit didn't claim anything since his car was fine. So now I am out $160 bucks for ticket mcgee and whatever it will cost to repair the car. The wedding was awesome (see next post) and the final bill for the damages was $2,500.00 for that little fender bender. Don't worry, my GEICO policy didn't pay for anything. Luckily we were saving up money to visit Hawaii this summer so we weren't in a bind. Kill me NOW~! On a good note, we will never buy a KIA. On a bad note, Hawaiian vacation will be postponed till next year. Maybe the year after.

Heidi's Wedding May 07

Heidi got married this May in her hometown of Camano Island, Washington. Here are some pictures of the wedding site- The Heitmann residence. This is Eag's parents beautiful backyard overlooking the Puget Sound. We saw a seal playing in the water the day of the wedding!