Friday, June 24, 2011

[June 3] Donuts With Dad

This is one of his best friends from school.  They will be going to different schools next year.  We haven't told Choobie that yet for fear he will spontaneously combust in a fit of rage.
He made so many friends this year in his class.  All the kids seemed to like one another and we met as a class for play dates a few times throughout the year.  It was really special.  

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  He goes to THE BEST PRESCHOOL EVER!

Now if it could only be year-round and grades K-12 we'd be set.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[June 2] Let's Go Bowling!

The Choob went bowling for the first time thanks to my ingenious friend and our weekly PLAYDATES.  She found a website that offered free bowling so we signed up and gave it a whirl was free!  No strings attached.  Yippeee!  

Go to and see if any lanes participate in your area.  All you have to pay for is shoe rental which was three dollars.  Three dollars for two hours of fun in air conditioning...YES PLEASE!
The best part about it was this cool ramp that the kids could put their ball on and then roll it down.  Of course they also had bumpers to eliminate gutter balls.  The kids knocked down pins every time and had a Blast!
 Even the Tano Cat had fun!  Bowling is fun for everyone I tell you.

You get 2 free games EVERY DAY.  Little miss E dominated the lanes.  Way to go little lady :)

Let's bowl some more.  Game number two and still goin strong.  The Choob called his ball the "green mamba"
Second Game stats.  

Thanks for such a fun FREE summer activity my friend!  We look forward to bowling all summer long.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

[April 30] A Saturday Marnin Stroll

Walked over to ride "The BIG Train" & the check out the farmer's market.  We missed the market but were able to buy tickets for the train.
Playing with the little train while waiting for the big train


Big train pulling into the station

All Aboard!

Tano attempted to eat the train the entire time

Thankfully he did not attempt to eat what he picked

Afterward we walked over to the blacksmith and watched him beat some steel cable into what would eventually become a knife blade.  Manly.