Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Moose Tail

Okay so my hair is really long and straight and won't hold a curl and will destroy any type of hair accessory I attempt to put in it except for the heavy duty hair bands you buy at the beauty supply store. Bottom line: I have a lot of thick hair and not a lot of time to do it. I used to put it in a pony tail but now my hair is so long it gets heavy halfway through the day and I get a bad headache. So, to avoid afternoon migraines I usually put it in a braid at the nape of my neck. Dan HATES IT! He calls it the moose tail. When I ask him why, he says, "because it looks like a moose tail flappin' around back there." One Saturday we were going to the zoo and I thought to myself, Hey, I'll try a french braid and see what Dan thinks. So I spent a long time on my hair (approx. 5 min) working the wet locks into a french braid all by myself! I was so proud. When I came out in the living room to get my coat, Dan says to me, "what the french moose?" I wanted to kill! Please help. I need some other hairstyle options besides "original moose" "french moose" and "headache ponytail." Any style advice must not include blow drying. I get so hot and sweaty after 40 minutes of drying the beast that I need a shower again when I'm done.
As for Luke's Hair, both Dan & I love it long. Everyone tells us he looks like a girl and that it's all ratta tat but I don't care. Get over it!

His latest expression.

Love this little boy!