Thursday, August 27, 2009

[July 19]'s Just for Fun

Winner winner chicken dinner. The secret to beating Dan at Buz Lightyear is having Choobie sit on his lap.

Choobie found this fellow hanging around Winnie the Pooh ride.

Now matter how many times we go to Disneyland, we always find something new. Choob discovered this little wooden bear and had to give him a "nose nuzzle".

He LOVES the brother bear playground. This time we were lucky and brother bear was there!
Choob loves to pretend that dan is the Wumpa from star wars and he chases us up and down the nets and across wobble bridges and down tube slides. It gets real sweaty for us and we always dread going to brother bear park but do it anyways because Choobers loves it.
Mini sweaty McGee!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

[July 18] Dino Coaster with Dad

Choobie loves to go ride the Dino Coaster with Dan. When I go into work, they usually head to legoland. Choob also loves "Max" the lego character.
No trip to legoland would be complete without his attempt to sever various limbs belonging to Darth Vader.

Monday, August 17, 2009

[July 13] Museuem of Man with Mom

The Choob and I had an entire day all to ourselves. I thought it'd be fun to go to the Museum of Man because I remembered them having really cool mummies. Turns out the mummies weren't that cool. In fact they were kind of gross. This C3PO was totally awesome though.

After the museum, we ran and ran through the hallways in Balboa Park. We pretended we were on the Matterhorn slaying yetis around every corner. It got pretty sweaty. I needed a break, so I sat on a bench near the Koi Pond while choob chose to rest in it. I love spending time with this boy.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

[July 9] Goodbye Moose Tail

I finally made a hair appointment. Moose tail removal was desperately needed. Contrary to popular belief, I was not trying to get in the Guiness Book of World records. I've been working a ton so my hair is always up and I just never realized how long this tail of mine had grown. Side profile just to show the beak- moose tail combo.

After a cut and a good dye job. It's all greasy and curly because she put a hair mask on it and was trying to sell me a $200 curling iron. I had my stylist take off 12 inches so I could donate it. It makes me happy to think that the moose tail will live on in wig form.

Friday, August 14, 2009

[July 7] Nighttime Zoo

Look at this Parking Spot! The FIRST spot in the FIRST row. I've never seen such a beautiful thing in all my twenty-eight years of life! Dan and I were so excited to get this spot that we took a picture to document the occasion.
We love nighttime zoo. Especially cat canyon because at night the snow leopards are active and come right up next to the fence and pace back and forth. Sad because they have zoocosis, but really cool because we get to see them up close!

[July 4] Fireworks

After the pool party/BBQ at grandma and grandpas, I had to go into work. I thought I got home in time to go catch the fireworks at Sea World. Usually, it only takes us about eight minutes to get to Sea World. Dan was all, "Dude we are never gonna make it. There will be a ton of traffic."

Determined to see fireworks on America's Birthday I ignored him and hurried the boys out the door and into the car. We headed down the freeway at record speed, no traffic in sight. Of course I was super smug saying, "See Dan, I told you there wouldn't be any traffic!"

That's when we started seeing the flashing signs indicating that all the beach parking lots were full. Then all of the exits into mission bay were blocked off! I have never seen such a thing. How can they close the exit to sea world?

The sensible thing would've been to turn around and go home. I am in no way sensible. "Don't worry Dan I know a little ant trail that will get us there." We made it into sea world with about 5 minutes to spare. Upon entering the lot I almost threw up. Apparently everyone in America decided to go to Sea World that night. There were NO SPOTS in the parking lot so I did the only sensible thing I could think of. I made my own. "Don't worry Dan, it's right near the exit so we'll be the first ones to get out."

We literally ran to the front gates and got a seat in the only stadium left and the show began. Patriotic music, fireworks, my family, America's birthday. I was pumped. Choobie was not. Fireworks are really loud when you are two. See below:
The fireworks and patriotic sound track were awesome. The show was about 30 minutes long. We eventually had to muffle the Choob so he wouldn't go deaf.
Rather than leave with the rest of the country after the fireworks show, we decided to stick around until Sea World closed at 11pm in hopes to escape the parking lot. No such luck. After the park closed, we walked to our car. Again, the urge to vomit came over me. "How are there so many cars still trying to leave?"

Dan, never one to pass up a rare victory looks over at me with his smug little grin and says, "I told you so!" Kill me now! It's like 11:30 at night and the Choob is tired and I've been at work all day and not had a nap and there are no less than 1.7 million cars still trying to get out of the parking lot. Most definitely a recipe for disaster.

It took us almost TWO HOURS to get out of the parking lot. 120 minutes to travel a distance of 100 feet. Not kidding. There is like one little road out of Mission Bay and everyone was on it. Not moving anywhere. Thinking ahead as all good moms do, I put Choobie in a pull up. When he had to pee, I told him to just go in his pull up. He did not want to, and informed us in an ultrasonic, overtired meltdown of a voice. It was the worst. I was tired, stuck in horrendous traffic next to a husband enjoying the one and only time he has ever been right, screaming at my child to just pee in his friken pull up because mommy can't take him to the potty.

As we inched along, I decided not to get on our normal freeway because it was a sea of red taillights stretching to infinity. Instead we went east and then north. A few hours and 3 freeways later we ended up home. On July 5th at about 3:45 in the am. Ironic because we live eight minutes from Sea World. For the record: Dan was right. I was wrong. Just this once.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

[July 4] Happy Birthday America!!

This year we spent 4th of July at my parent's house. We swam and had a BBQ and lots of good food. We blew up all the inflatables in hopes to lure The Choob into the pool. Grandma and Grandpa brought out the squirt guns and the fun began.
Choob is allowed to do whatever he wants at Grandma's house. This includes standing on the table and shooting people. Gotta love it!
We made the transition to the pool (actually he has NEVER been in the pool, he will only attempt the spa) and Choobie eventually got more than just his feet wet. Hooray! It helped that he had his guns, sharky, dad, and the secret ingredient: Uncle Jeff.
My boys in the water.
Uncle Jeff has been giving Choobie his own version of "swimming lessons". All of his teaching methods are unconventional, but they work! Here is Jeff doing the patented Air Jaws maneuver. Choobie opens his mouth and pretends to eat seals in the Ring of Death as Jeff launches him out of the water. Graphic some might say, yes. However, I approve. Whatever it takes to get my baby's hair wet. As far as I'm concerned, Uncle Jeff is magical with Choobie in the water.
Two of Choobies favorite things:
Lays Potatoe chips.
And swinging on his "park" with Grandpa.
Happy Birthday America! You are the best country in the whole world!