Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Zoo with the Girls

The girls came down for a free day at the zoo and we had a blast. Here's lil miss Addi driving the jeep.

Two Sticks and a Rock! Can life get any better?

Luke LOVES sticks and thinks that everyone else shares his obsession with them. Please notice that he gave Addi some sticks and is handing these two to his momma.

I don't know why but I just LOVE this picture of Addi girl. She's all decked out in her designer dress ( made by her mom and she's diggin around on the ground and stick fighting with the boys. Love it!

Just pondering the meaning of life on the merry-go-round

Goosey scaring Addi on the merry-go-round

In case you didn't know, there's more sticks over her momma

Uncle Goosey telling my son to "cheetah scratch momma in the face." What are uncles for right?

My brother Jeff aka Gooseykins aka The Manny removing a monkey from the tree

There is nothing I love more than seeing Dan teach his son about animals. What a great dad!

Eliza, Pow-Mah and the goose. Upon meeting my brother for the first time in Hawaii, Erin jumped in the shower with him. They have been close ever since.

The Manny supervising the children while they stick fight. Who knows where we were.

Luke's favorite animal at the zoo is the otter. When he is in his crib at night before he goes to sleep we hear him on the baby monitor singing songs about the otter that he makes up himself. It is so funny!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Erin Comes to Town

Erin and baby Eliza came down to Anaheim from Washington state for a visit. I loaded up Luke and my brother the Goose and headed up to reunite with Eag and Pow-Mah. Here are ALL THREE of us with Keiki in tow! If someone from the future went back in time and showed us this photo while we were laying out at Waimea in scantily clad swim attire I think we would've died. I never dreamed of being pasty white in LA pushing strollers with our children in them. I have even ditched my rainbow slippers and am wearing running shoes because they make my back hurt less after a long day of walking. I am an OLD FART!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing these 2 because they are the best. While I do get to see Eag from time to time, (though not nearly enough in my opinion) I haven't seen Erin in almost a year. When we get together it feels like things haven't skipped a beat.
In Hawaii Erin was always taking care of other peoples kids so it was awesome to see her with one of her own. Please look at this little doll! She is just five months old and the almost the same size as Luke. She was born eleven pounds and change. This is her standing....yes STANDING up in her stroller just checkin' out the world with those gorgeous blue eyes.

What a cute little princess and her mom. She is the best baby too. Seriously like not a peep or a meltdown of any kind the whole day.

Eliza Paige

I don't know what it is but Luke and Addi play SO WELL together. I seriously LOVE it because I just get to kick back and chat with Eag and they just entertain themselves. Sometimes we get to talking and then realize our wild ones have been running around the lego store taking boxes off the shelves and un-building the giant lego giraffe. oops. The weird thing is, he doesn't hit her, kick her, cheetah scratch her, or take toys away from her like he does with other kids. I like to think that he knows he will marry her someday so he best be nice to her because she is going to have every male in SoCal after her.

MMIH (Match Made in Heaven)

Who wouldn't want him for a son-in-law?!

Sidenote: I realized that when I got home there were NO pictures of my brother the Goose. This is due to the fact that he was the Manny all day. He is seriously the best kid wrangler ever and ALL kids love the Goose. All moms love the Goose too. I don't think I had to carry Lukey boy once all day long! Mahalo Gooseykins!

Friday, April 25, 2008

San Diego or Amity Island?

Fatal Shark attack this morning at our local beach. Believed to be a 17 foot great white. An 8 mile stretch of beach (including the 2 beaches that are 5 minutes from our apt) is closed until monday. If you want more details go here.

Yesterday, my brother, Luke & I were at the beach one block away from where the attack happened. Luckily Luke is scared of the ocean water so we were on dry land the entire time. (How cute is he in this little Lifeguard outfit? Click on the picture and die from the cuteness) Interesting thing is, there was a helicopter flying about 20 feet above the water right over the breakers for the entire two hours we were there just making passes. Also a small spotter plane was doing the same thing only a little further out. Jeff & I thought the helicopter was looking for a shark. Then we started making jokes about cable junction and jaws. Looks like we were spot on. I think it's a big cover up. I think they were searching for a shark and that they knew a white was in the area but didn't want to panic the public. One week ago a baby white shark was found washed up on shore in that area. Then a helicpoter and a plane patrolling in the same area the day before a fatal shark attack. Coincidence? Hmmmmm. I think not.

There was probably a big 17 footer cruising by us just out past the breakers. Duh-da... Duh-da .... Duh-da duhda duhda duhda...... (that was Jaws music)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


If you've met my husband and my son you understand. Love my special boys.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Visit From Lane

The man who coined the phrase, "soft voice Dan" was in town on business and we were able to spend the evening with him and his buddy Jeremy. We didn't have much time to see the sights but the ones we saw were memorable. We picked Lane up from his posh downtown Marriott hotel and headed for the temple.

It was Monday so the temple was closed. We couldn't even get on the grounds so we gazed at it from the top of a nearby parking structure. So special. After the temple we headed up to La Jolla to see the beach and seals. After taking in the seaside, we went to the best Mexican restarant ever Casa de Pico where Lane decided to order a salad. At a mexican restaraunt. With plenty of meat on the menu. We couldn't mock him too much because Lane and Jeremy treated us to dinner! Mahalo Guys! The visit was short but sweet and missing one thing: ERIN!!! We can't wait to see the Forsloff's again with keiki in tow!

Who Hasn't Tried This Before?

Thanks for all the fun Mr. Potato Head!

What The Hat?

When we got home from our weekend in the woods, Luke found this hat and actually put it ON his head and left it there for about 15 minutes! This was a huge deal because from the time he gained control of his arms, hats were no longer tolerated. He'd rip them off the second we put them on his head. So it was totally weird and totally awesome that he enjoyed this beanie so much.

Yes that is me laying on the couch watching my child eat potato chips and onion dip. After only one day on the slopes I was too sore to do anything about it.

What a cutie!