Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[Oct 30] Homeward Bound

Both mom and baby feeling a little better. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the percocet. Cough Cough.

This made me love Kaiser even more. A built in To Do List bolted to the wall. Love!
We got to check everything off. Done and Done!
Yes she's "one of those babies."
We handed the camera to the nurse to get a family photo.
Note to all nurses: DO NOT TAKE FULL BODY PICTURES OF NEW MOMS WEARING HORIZONTAL STRIPES.I can't decide if I look more like the Cheshire Cat or if I look more like I ate the Cheshire Cat. Maybe a little bit of both. Oh well, let the water retention games begin!

A few people told us that we should have Lainey "bring Luke a present" when she comes home. and it will make him like her.

She brought him his two favorite things: a flashlight and Silly bands (which he thinks are called Souey bands because our neighbor kid has a speech impediment and told Choob that's what they were called)

While Luke in no way "liked" his new sibling, perhaps these two small gifts saved her from the fiery pits of hot lava he had originally destined her for.
Star Wars "souey" bands. What a treasure.

Grandpa holding Lainey for just a minute until Grandma snatched her up.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

[Oct 29] Day 2- Choob's First Encounter

We were lucky enough to have my parents take care of The Choob while we were in the hospital. They fed him, dressed him, took him to school, bathed him and put up with his crazy bedtime routines. Thanks mom & dad!

During my pregnancy Choobie would always say, "When my sister hatches out I am going to throw her in hot lava!"

My parents brought him down to meet his sister for the first time late that night. Dan & I made sure there were no volcanoes around.
He looked at her but wouldn't touch her. Especially not with his bare hands!
The awesome nurses brought him a "big brother kit" (a small bag full of ordinary medical supplies) which he loved.His favorite part of the kit was the shot. Which he decided to give his sister multiple times.

And his dad some of the time. After all, stabbing people with a shot is way more fun than meeting your baby sister. It also proved a wonderful distraction from his current views on siblicide.
He ended up leaving the encounter with his blue darth vader mask on as happy as a clam! A Successful meeting in my book.