Wednesday, August 20, 2008

[July 1] The BIG picture

We took Choob to his FIRST EVER movie in the theatre. This was a huge day for us because we love to go see movies and hoped that our child would feel the same way. We decided to see WALL-E. Big mistake. We did make it through about 45 minutes of the movie despite the fact that the robots didn't talk. Good Job Pixar. I am surprised Luke was into it for that long. It may have had something to do with the bag full of goodies we brought from home.

Needless to say, he went crazy for the star wars poster in the lobby. He ran up to it and started fighting it with BOTH his "big saber" and "tiny saber". It was awesome. Here's us snackin' on some whoppers and popcorn. Check out his little booster seat. Too Cute!
Side note, the wierd hat wearing phase arrived in July. It's a Steve Irwin hat that he wouldn't take off for about a week. Now he refuses to wear it, or any other hat for that matter. Things are back to normal.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm a Winner!!!

So I won a FREE photo shoot with this lady from my internet moms group. When I found out we had won the photo shoot, I bought Choob the cutest outfit and gave him a haircut two weeks ahead of time so that it would grow out and he wouldn't look like the guy from Dumb & Dumber. Woops. Looks like I needed to cut it 3 weeks ahead of time. Anyway....Luke turned 2 yesterday and with it came his sudden fashion diva attitude. He HATED the outfit I bought him. "No like this shirt like this shorts momma" and he continued to strip off his clothing. Awesome. After about 30 minutes of both Dan & I trying to put him in "the outfit he is going to wear whether he likes it or not" we caved. I didn't want his eyes all red and puffy and him running around the beach half naked. He chose his own bland colored ug outfit.

We went to Crystal Pier (Jenny when you are in town we ARE going there for you to shoot, you will die) for the freebie. It was weird working with another photographer because the only one we've used before was Jenny and she was so AWESOME and involved and knew us and the choob and we felt totally comfortable with her. This lady was a complete stranger and really super nice but quiet and non assertive. Different style. We'll see in 2 weeks how the pics turned out. She did put up a sneak peek on her photoblog. Click HERE to check it out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Our little boy turns TWO today! I can't believe I have a two year old. I can't believe I haven't finished his first year baby book. I can't believe how much energy he has. I can't believe how smart he is. I can't believe how much he cracks me up. I can't believe how much he teaches me. I can't believe how CUTE he is. I can't believe I love this little boy more every day. I can't believe we ever lived without him. We love you Choobers!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do I Seriously Sound Like That?!

Choob has been saying some things lately that have me laughing hysterically while at the same time questioning myself...I don't really sound like that do I ? Here are a few of our recent conversations.

This conversation took place while Luke was in the car (refusing to get in his carseat as usual) naming the things he saw in the back tailgate:

Me: What do you see back there?

Luke: Beach ball, stroller, diaper, (then he said something else inaudible to the human ear)

Me: What did you say?

Luke: (sigh) Never mind momma!

The following conversation took place while Luke was in the drivers seat of the car (refusing to get in his carseat as usual) pushing the hazard lights and reprogramming the stereo:

Me: Okay Choober, it's time to get in your car seat.

Luke: What are you talkin' about momma?

I promise that's how it went down. I know he is totally mimicking how Dan & I talk when we're in the car. I forget sometimes that those little ears of his are ALWAYS tuned in.

Friday, August 1, 2008