Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

[June 8] Out of the Mouth of Choob

"Look Momma, I'm a panda eating bamboo!"

Just a creative little way he came up with to pass the time in line for the dino coaster at legoland.

Friday, June 26, 2009

[June 5] A Visit from the East

Nana, Carl, Auntie Shelly, Jeremy, cousin Wesley and Baby Dallon came to visit for a whole week! We had lots of fun while they were here and miss them already. The boys digging in the pit at the new Elephant Odyssey exhibit at the zoo.
After a fun day at the zoo, they went to a members only preview at Sea World for Summer Nights. Lots of characters, special night time shows, and even a FREE tote bag. Thanks for the extra one Shelly!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

[June 14] Star Wars Days at Legoland Part Deux

Here's where the real nerds come out. They had tables set up for people to bring in their lego star wars creations. Dan photographed all "the really cool ones" so he could show me when I got home from work. Hmmmmm. Who's the real nerd here?
Choobie thought this lady was Padme. Nope. Just a regular old member of the general public. Gotta love it.
Dan took these pictures to show me the legos but all I saw was a flashback to the "nerdery" (dan's computer science department computer lab). You gotta love their passion though right? Some of this stuff is actually quite impressive.

Choobie loves to hold hands with the storm troopers.
And hold the legs of Chewbacca and Clone Troopers

Choobie and his new BFF Darth Vader
He also loves to run around in planters. That's what happens when your kid lives in an apartment. He thinks any piece of dirt is a perfect playground.
Dad rolled the windows down in the car and Choobie thought it was hilarious. Dan took this picture to document the occaision. All in all, the boys had a WONDERFUL weekend!

Monday, June 15, 2009

[June 14] Darth Vader Pets Puppy

Dan and Choob waited in the long line to get their picture taken with Darth Vader. As they were walking away after the picture Choobie stopped in his tracks and said, "Wait! Darth Vader forgot to pet my puppy!!" So they ran back (totally holding up the line at this point) and asked Darth Vader if he would pet Puppy.
And Darth Vader did.
And it was MAGICAL for this little boy.
And he wakes up every morning and says, "momma, do you remember when Darth Vader pet my Puppy? It was totally cool huh?" I wish I knew who was inside that costume because I would send him a really nice thank you note for taking the time to pet my little boys treasured puppy. We love you Darth Vader!

[June 14] Star Wars Days at Legoland -- Part One

Obviously the boys were in heaven

This ENTIRE background was made of single legos.

What do you do with a darth vader made entirely of legos?
Play in his cape of course.

In between looking at stars wars stuff made of legos, the boys rode the dino coaster and Choobie hatched out of this dino egg. EVERY time we go to lego land he has to hatch out of this egg and pretend he is a baby dino. The sounds he makes are hilarious.

There were a variety of storm troopers (all of which have specific names that both Dan and Choob could tell you) to hold hands with.

Choobie was so excited about this "R-7". Some random guy made this thing and it was remote control and he just drove it around legoland all day. Choob was in love. Just look at how he gingerly touches him in awe.

The boys and Jango Fett (wierd that I know the difference between boba and jango)

Choobie loved to hold hands with the storm troopers. Looks like he's joined the dark side for sure!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Official....He's Joined the Dark Side

High Five'n Darth Vader

It was the annual Star Wars Days at Legoland. Lots of star wars, lots of legos, lots of geeks. Needless to say, the boys spent the entire weekend there. More pictures to come.