Friday, July 8, 2011

[June 10] The Big Day

Our little Lukey boy graduated from his second year of preschool!  I took a few pictures of him before we left the house for the big ceremony.  All I did was ask him to smile.  I leave you with the many faces of The Choob:

He has learned so many things and grown up so much.  We are so proud of this big 'ol guy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[June 7] Soccer

Wearing Shorts and participating!  Progress!!
This is one of Choobie's favorite parts of soccer.  The kids grab their rubber dots and pretend they are boats floating around the ocean.  When the coach yells out, "shark!" they throw their dot down and stand on it and put their hands up to their eyes like they are looking through binoculars.  It's hilarious to watch all the kids do it together.

Walking and kicking the ball, a valuable skill just not as fun as the shark game.
Let's take a break from soccer and look at this little beauty cakers:

Today they played their first mock game.  It was cool because they got to wear jerseys.  Luke was on the green team.  They had to get all their own balls into their own goal.  Hmmmm not sure how this helps them learn how to play actual soccer but whatevs they had fun.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

 Enjoy some posts from past 4th of July's HERE

Sunday, July 3, 2011

[June 6] The Choob bowls on his own

[June 6] FHE Bowl-O-Rama

For FHE it was a free bowling family affair! 
This sweet little Tanji swordfought the air for almost the entire first game.  We like to leave her in the stroller as long as possible because once she's out she's NOT goin back in!

The lanes we went to didn't have a ramp this time so The Choob had to bowl with the big dogs.  He did great!

The Choob loves his ball, "The Green Mamba".  Apparently it's pretty powerful.
My Dad, The Goose, and Dan bowled without bumpers.  Big Lare won the first game!
My mom, Matthew, Choobs and me bowled on the lane with bumpers.  Sadly, none of us broke 100.  With bumpers.  Won't be joining a league anytime soon.

In the words of Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba:  
"Bowling.... iiiiiiissssssss...... AWE-SOME!"

Saturday, July 2, 2011

[June 4] Legoland With Friends

We went to Legoland with some friends and had a wonderful time!  Tano liked the boat ride.
You can see those pesky teeth starting to peek their way out of her VERY sore gums.  She was really cranky which for her means she whined for like two whole minutes at a time maybe twice the whole day.  She really is the sweetest girl.
All Aboard!
The boys (and Dan) loved building their own lego cars and racing them on the track.  Please look at choobs car with the big "needler" nose.  He built his car all by himself.

Dan's car had a spike sticking out the side for "slashing people with".  Creative boys.
The Choob by himself on the horses.  He is so grown up now! 
The infamous boat ride.  Let it be known that these boats ARE MOST DEFINITLY NOT ON A TRACK.  When children steer them it makes for the worst log jam of the century and a whole lot of shrieking good fun.
Choobs and I are going the wrong way on a one way street. 
After a slow and somewhat disorienting boat ride we made it to the finish line.
Or so we thought.  It took us about five minutes to straighten her out.  We had fun though!
Choobie LOVES the big roller coaster there and asks to go on it every time.  Him and Dan are in the back seat.  You can barely see the Choob because he just clears the minimum height requirement.  He is so brave.  Dan is terrified of heights but goes on the coaster with him anyway.  True Love.

[June 3] Father's Day Song