Wednesday, December 16, 2009

[Oct 30] Pumpkin Carving

We totally dropped the ball this year with Halloween festivities.

Both Dan & I had been working crazy hours and we didn't have time to be the festive McGees we normally are. It was the night before Halloween and I got home from work late and it was cold and dark and we still hadn't carved a pumpkin.

Dan really wanted to carve one and I really did not.

It was late, my neck hurt, Choob had the ol sicky/cranky combo goin' on. Plus Dan wanted to make a Darth Vader Pumpkin with this elaborate template. Something a 3 year old would TOTALLY have the patience for right? NOT! To sum up: perfect recipe for disaster.

I told him if he wanted to be in charge, they could carve pumpkins so long as I didn't have to do ANYTHING. (I know such a nice wife huh?)

So Dan went out to the store to get the last pumpkin on earth, the night before Halloween. He carved it with Choobie while I sat around taking pictures and being cranky waiting for the meltdown to occur.But it didn't. Choob had so much fun! Mostly because knives were involved. He loves weapons.
He also loves to drum with weapons on pumpkins.
They carved and they sliced and they sawed and they diced.

And I did nothing.

It was a beautiful thing I tell you.

The Choob didn't like the slime. We kind of forced him to stick his hand in. Please look at Dan laughing at his sons misery. I was doing the same. We are awesome parents.
Here's the finished product. The template got thrown out the window after Choob got frustrated so he and Dan just Freehanded it. Not too shabby.
That's right, we carved our pumpkin one day before Halloween. And it WAS fun. Thanks for being a great Dad and husband Dan!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

[Oct 29] Preschool Parade

Here's a little video (mostly for the Grandma's) hope it makes you smile!

Monday, December 14, 2009

[Oct 29] Preschool Costume Parade

Choob had a costume parade at his preschool. It was hilarious! Here the kids are sitting in the circle before the parade. Choob's classmate was a robot and his costume wouldn't let him sit. It was awesome. Flight of the Conchords anyone?
All the kids dressed up and then walked around the school in a big circle, a little confused at all the parents snapping pictures. Binary Solo.
On the second lap Choob got a little stressed out and kept shouting from the parade line, "I want to give you a hug. Oh Please! I just want to give you a hug."
This is his little classmate Christine. He always tells me that "she has a cute face."

What a cool lookin' group of kiddos!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

[Oct 27] The Sharing Bag

Choobie got the "sharing bag" at preschool. He had to take it home and put something in it to show and tell to his class. We got to come and watch. It was priceless. He got to sit on the "golden chair" as the kids guessed what could be in the bag.
He has the most wonderful teachers.
It was his favorite shark puppet. He actually passed it around so everyone could touch it. He's growing up so fast. In fact, when he saw Dan & I come in he was "embarrassed." I couldn't believe it. Doesn't he know how cool we are?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

[Oct 26] Pumpin' Up

Background: When Choob first saw Darth Vader appear from the smoke on the rising stage at the Jedi Training Academy at Disneyland he was elated. Since that day, he has referred to "Darth Vader Pumpin' Up" whenever he talks about his beloved villain during the course of his daily activities.

Remember smokey cow? If you watch the video at the end, listen closely and The Choob says, "pumpin' up."

Fast forward a year to Dan driving around and ending up behind a truck with a license plate he knew I'd love. He took the picture below:

It even has a Shark in the trailer hitch. I want that license plate. And that sharkey. It's like the perfect Prigmore setup.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[Oct 25] The Boy's Trip To Costco

What follows are pictures Choob ASKED Dan to take during their trip to Costco:

In this one he is showing Dan his "Jack Skellington Teeth." Pretty clever.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

[Oct 24] Harvest Festival

Choob's Preschool had a Harvest Fesitval to raise funds for the entire year. I was expecting a little party on the grass but it was like the Del Mar Fair when we arrived. They had a DJ and all kinds of games and jumpers and rides and cake walks and food etc. etc.
Choobie LOVED the jumpers. We couldn't get him out of there.

Nothin like a pixie stick to keep your 3 year old goin strong all night long.
See, I can do sunflare too. (That is my way of telling myself I don't need the two thousand dollar camera that I want.)
Grandma and Grandpa came and we all had a blast well into the night. I volunteered to work at the face painting booth for awhile. I apolgized to the three little boys running around who thought they had a "really awesome spiderman" on their faces when in reality it just looked like they had a "really bad case of scarlet fever." I'm lacking in the artistic category. Alex however, is not. She painted the scarecrow/pumpkin scene in the above picture. Have I mentioned how much we LOVE his preschool?

Monday, November 30, 2009

[Oct 24] I Made These Beauties

Spider web cupcakes for the Harvest Festival. Two Dozen. I was a little too ambitious. The other dozen spiders kinda looked like snot balls because I was tired of piping. Oh well, it was for a good cause: The Choob's Harvest Festival Fund Raiser.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

[Oct 24] Pumpkins at the Park

We went to the Park (because I had to be at a two hour meeting on my day off) to enjoy their Halloween Festivities. Choob was Harry Potter with a wand, that he kept pointing at people and yelling, "Arana Exame". Dont' worry, he knows all the spells from Harry Potter. If you look real close you can see the scar he made me draw on his forehead.

Finding snakes in the sand.
Racing animals. Always pick the penguin. Never pick the buffalo.
Squirt gun rubber duck races. The boys were good at this one. Sharp Shooters.

We had a wonderful morning at the Wild.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

[Oct 23] Goose the Bounty Hunter

We went to Eag & Ians Halloween Party and it was AMAZING!! The place looked better than the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland and they converted the garage into a spook alley that terrified the kids and most of the adults. Not to mention the food. Mrarrrwww.
Goose was Dog the Bounty Hunter. I told him to get into character and talk Pidgen all night to everyone. His mullet was my favorite part.
No I did not stick my finger in an outlet. I was supposed to be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and she has "unruly" hair. Eag was the wicked witch. Definitely a stretch for her. I think I've seen her mad like twice.

The Choob was Harry Potter but I didn't get any pictures of him because he was running around with Addi, who was a very cute Dorothy. Thanks for the fun start to Halloween guys!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

[Oct 20] Disneyland Day Two

Two days at Disneyland= LOTS of fun!

Choob went on these bumper cars for the first time. He loved crashing into everyone.

He was so worn out by the end of the second day that he fell asleep eating his Chex.
Come again soon Aunties. We love you!