Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This is by far Choobies FAVORTIE holiday of the year.  

Always has been.

Decorations out Oct 1st, nonstop Halloween CDs in the car, driving around neighborhoods looking at the "spooky guys" night after night, carving multiple pumpkins, and going to every kind of Halloween event imaginable.

He's pretty much Jack Skellington in human form.

I'm so excited I get to spend Halloween with him this year.  Last year I came home from the hospital with Tano on Halloween.  Talk about scary!!

This year "our whole family" is going out and about.  Yipee!

Hope this  video gets you in the Halloween Spirit!

Here he is at 3 years old in front of the Disneyland haunted mansion reciting in his spookiest voice,"what the guy says when you first walk in"

When hinges creak in doorless chambers,
When strange, frightening sounds, echo through the halls.
Whenever candlelights flickr,
When the air is deadly still,
That is the time when ghosts are present,
Practicing their terrors with ghoulish delight!

Told you we listen to Halloween CDs a lot.

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Melissa said...

So adorable!! I love his British accent at the end :)