Monday, December 31, 2007

Week Two

Here is a picture of Dan with his Star Wars Pop Up Book on Christmas morning at Nanas.

If you haven't allready done so, please read the post below before reading this one. What follows is an account of Luke's second week of sickness:

On New Year’s Eve, Dan started barfing. There are no words to describe how sick Dan got. I was really scared that he was going to die. I have never seen a human being so sick and I have worked in and urgent care clinic and an Operating Room. The first night, when his speech was still coherent, he said he felt sicker than he did in Bolivia. If you know Dan & Bolivia you know this was a scary statement.

So, after 2 nights of staying up with a barfing babe, I was now staying up a 3rd night while Dan violently wretched more than 30 times. He spent the next 2 days in the shower on all fours reliving nightmarish scenes from a Bolivian McDonald’s and lying on the bathroom floor of his mom’s house while I tried to keep our keiki from near death. I regret to say that during the days, Dan was left to fend for himself because if Luke saw him, he would want Dada to hold him and Dan could barely keep his own head up. After the first night, Dan would emerge from his toxic cave all shaky and weak only to return to the porcelain god moments later.

Despite my constant intake of Airborne and OJ, by the end of the week I started to feel it. Having not slept in 4 days and still taking care of a sick little love leech, I was in no shape to handle my own little puke session. Solution? Refuse to be sick. Mind over matter. I didn't eat for 2 days so there would be nothing to throw up. When I felt the overwhelming sensation of nausea, I willed it away. We had to get on a plane the next day and fly home to San Diego.

Poor Nana and Carl, by the time our week with them was over we had left puke, pee, stool, and snot on every inch of their house. I seriously hope she had a Hazmat suit on when she cleaned the upstairs bathroom. Prigmore’s = Worst House Guests Ever. On a brighter note, we are looking forward to seeing them in March when all our bodily fluids are in control.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

5 Weeks and Counting

That's right. Luke has been horribly ill for 5 LONG sleepless weeks! That's over one month folks. I have decided to document each week of sickness as a separate post for time’s sake. What follows is an account of week one:

The saga began Christmas Eve with the cough and incessant snot running down his face. This made for lovely leaky-nosed pictures on Christmas morning. Also, the fever began. At this point it was only in the low hundreds. Knowing we had to get on a plane and fly to Philadelphia on the 27th, I decided to get his ears checked the day before to make sure we could still get on the plane. Sure enough, the doc gave him the OK to fly so we did.

Our first mistake was not letting him nap because we thought he would sleep on the plane. Not so. FIVE hours of my kid screaming and passengers making louder and louder nasty comments as the flight progressed. I heard a lady say, “oh he’ll tire himself out soon” to the passenger sitting next to her and I thought to myself, “You obviously don’t know my child at all.” Instead of him tiring himself out, the screaming just got louder (yeah, this kid has been crying for hours at a time since he was born. A little five hour cry fest is a cakewalk to him). After the plane landed (and 2 people told us we should get his ears checked in a not so polite tone) we drove the hour to Dan’s Mom’s house which is in the beautiful Amish country of PA. Luke crashed hard since he had been awake since 5am that morning.

The next morning, we had Christmas at Nana & Carl's and Luke was whiny and clingy but we figured he was just worn out from the flight. I refer to that night and the following 48 hours as Pukefest 2007. SO much barf from one little boy. So much out the other end too. He wouldn't drink a sip. He wouldn't pee. He had no tears. He had 104 fever. Needless to say sleep was out of the question. What do you do in the middle of the night when you are in Amish country and the nearest hospital is an hour away? You call the emergency nurse hotline in San Diego and hope someone picks up. After the nurse calmed me from my hysteria, I sent Dan out to make the hour long drive to Walmart for a humidifier, popsicles, and some rectal suppositories to bring the fever down. I seriously could've lived a full and happy life having never been introduced to the world of shoving capsules up your child’s rectum and holding them there until they dissolve. Not pretty. Stay tuned for week 2.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Sneak Peak

So one of my New Year's resolutions is to get this blog up to date. Since it is currently no less than six months behind, I have a daunting task ahead of me. After we fully recover from what can only be described as "Pukefest 2007" and "The Ultra Runs 2008" I will put up some more posts. Promise.

PS-Click on this picture and check out the size of that bottom molar! He is simultaneously cutting the other three right now. Awesome.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Double chins-- just like mom & dad

Take a look at this picture and try not to die from the cuteness. My uncle Gar took this great photo at our family Christmas Party. This was taken one week before Luke got really sick for 4 weeks. I thought it would make a good "before" picture. I love his little reflection in the table.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I am the Champion

A week before Christmas, my mom watched Luke and let us go to Disneyland with my brother the Goose. Dan is well known for being the video game lover in our family. He pretty much beats anyone who plays against him. Especially if you are playing James Bond goldeneye on Nintendo 64. However, it is a little known secret that I am the worlds best Dr. Mario player. If there were a Dr. Mario world tournament, I would be the winner. While at Disneyland, I discovered another hidden talent. I can beat anyone at the Buzz Lightyear shooting ride. No matter how hard Dan tried, I still DOMINATED. Above is the picture to prove it. Notice the large gap in scores. Boo-yaw!
Poor Goosey had to go on all the rides by himself.
That didn't stop him from enjoying a turkey leg like some barbarian from medieval times. It was purchased from a cart that also sold chimichangas. What a combo. Turkey leg and chimichangas. From a cart at Disneyland. DISGUSTING.
Us in front of the Cinderella Castle at night. No that is not Clark W. Griswold and a pregnant lady. It's just me and Dan in bad sweaters. Thanks to Grandma for a great time at the magic kingdom!