Friday, October 31, 2008

[Oct 31] A Halloween Pee

CHOOBIE JUST PEED ON THE POTTY for the FIRST time tonight!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

[Oct 30] Pumpkin Carving With the Prigmores

Thanks to Trader Joes, we got a pumpkin last night. 2 days before Halloween. We're the worst. In just 48 hours Choobie and his pumpkin have become great friends. He talks to "pumpkin" and pats him and says goodnight to him. I was a little worried about how he would react to carving "pumpkin" but it turned out great.
First Choobie helped Dad draw a line for the lid.
Then Choobie helped Dad cut out the lid.

He was REALLY grossed out by the contents of "pumpkin".
Choobie wanted a dinosaur on his pumpkin. No matter how much we tried to convince him that "pumpkin needs a face", Choobie still demanded a dinosaur. So, Dad drew a Brontosaurus on "pumpkin".

Here's what "pumpkin" looked like all lit up.
Our best purchase this Halloween was the battery powered flickering lights. They look just like real candles but won't start a fire or burn your kid.
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

[Oct 8] An interview with Picasso

Choobie did some painting at Grandma's house. He's a really great artist. Even though Grandpa let Choobie use his fancy tooth making brushes to create his washable masterpiece, Choobie's painting tool of choice still remains the Q-tip.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

[Oct 25] A special message for Nana

We went to breakfast with Carl today and this is what Choobie learned:
"Wait a cotton Pickin' Minute"
We miss you Nana!

Friday, October 24, 2008

[Oct 18] A Halloween Sneak Peak

Choobie went to Lego Land with his Girlfriend Princess Leia. This is what he taught her. More about it soon.

Friday, October 17, 2008

[Oct 13] Halloween Time

For FHE we decided to decorate for Halloween. This took about 15 minutes since we have no less than 5 pumpkins, 2 bats, and one skull. But...thanks to my friend Stacy, we were able to add 3 ghosts to the Halloween decoration bonanza going on at our house. While Stacy made her ghosts all cute with ribbon and kleenex, I decided to use an old sharpie (that ran out of ink on ghost #2) toilet paper, paper towel and thread.
The directions are simple:
1. Have your 2 year old wad toilet paper up into a ball for the ghost head.
2. Place toilet paper wad in the middle of one piece of paper towel.
3. Twist to form a ghost
4. Have husband hold ghost while you tie thread around his neck (the ghost neck, not the husbands)
5. Draw faces on them with a sharpie (if it runs out you can use a ball point pen)
6. Hang them up so they can fly

Choobie wanted to make "an angry one, a sad one, and one happy one"

Thanks for the great idea Stacy!

[Oct 13] How's Potty Training Going?

Does this answer your question?

Monday, October 13, 2008

[Oct 13] I LOVE Today

I love waking up and knowing that I don't have to work tonight. Today Choob & I blew off our play date and just hung out at home together. We did some serious snacking, Steve Irwin watching, had plenty of light sabre duels, played chase for hours, made dozens of hand prints on the cold sliding glass door, did crib jumping and threw most anything we could get our hands on. Soon, Dan will be home from work and we will decorate for Halloween and then we will walk around the neighborhood all bundled up and look at the Halloween lights and displays in peoples yards. Then when Choob goes to bed, Dan & I will watch Heros and enjoy its awesomeness. I'm really lucky that my family pretty much rules.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

[Sept 30] What Do You Do When You Return From A Four Day Vacation? Go To Disneyland..What Else?

We took a late after work trip to Disneyland for some much needed family time since I was scheduled to work for the next EIGHT nights in a row. Yeah. Have I mentioned how awesome it is to work at Ralph's? Anyway, we love disneyland but we adore it when it's all decorated up for the seasons. Plus it wasn't crowded becuase it was a tuesday night and who goes to Disneyland on a tuesday night? Umm...... we do.

It's funny to me how The Choob loves to try on hats when we are in stores but refuses to wear them when we are in the blistering blinding sun.We even took him on Haunted Mansion and told him it was "the Halloween Ride" and had lots of pumpkins and skeletons in it. He got a little scared in the elevator room but then loved the rest of the ride.Family photo. Whenever Choob sees the camera and hears someone say "Smile" he squints his eyes closed because apparently that is how he smiles. What? Oh and don't worry, Puppy is part of the family. Probably forever. I bet he'll be hiding puppy under his gown at his college graduation.That's Choobie's score not mine.It is a well known fact that Luke LOVES "Wobble bridges". We have spent many an hour running back and forth on the one at Tarzans Treehouse. He's no sissy either, (which by the way is what his uncle jeff taught him to call me.."sissy momma....sissy momma") he likes em real wobbly. I mean like Dan & I jumping up and down and him flying up in the air wobbly, and other parents saying to their kids, let's just wait until they're done jumping. When we left Luke went crazy for these giant candy corns. The Disneyland California sign had these as the "A's" in california. L is for Lukey Boy
Here's a few pictures of yours truley. Just in case you thought I wasn't on here enough.

Friday, October 10, 2008

[Oct 9] Darth Vader Looks Good In Stripes

Rainbow Stripes. Just a little weeknight fun at Target. Can you even guess what The Choob is gonna be for Halloween?

[Sept 28] Vegas Vacation-- Day Three

Surprise. We woke up late. And in doing so I realized the saddest thing ever: WE MISSED THE BUFFET! Could it be possible that I went to Vegas and did not eat at a single buffet. Yes. Tragedy I tell you.

On the bright side, we still had a few hours of sunlight left to tan. One of those precious hours was spent watching the Rachael Zoe show I discovered while eating my cereal. I never really think about TV (since we don't have it) but then when I am at my moms or in a condo that has TV I realize how AWESOME it is. I love TV and I love Bravo and I wish I could watch it every day. There.

So with one day left in sin city, my mission was clear: I HAD to get a pair of designer jeans.
(These are not the pair I bought. Mine are way cuter)

I never knew such jeans even existed until Heidi and Eag gave me a quick fashion education. The end result was me NEEDING a pair. NOW. So after looking at all the different designs, I settled on the brand called "Seven" mostly because they don't have flashy butt pockets. Plus the only other ones we saw were those True Religion ones with the big ugly horseshoe prints on the butt. Who wants to walk around with two big golden horseshoe prints on their butt? Not me. And I certainly don't want to pay $200 to do it either. Sorry if any of you readers out there wear them but seriously peeps, take a look in the mirror....horseshoe butt...find it.

So, after an hour of laying out we headed to Marshalls, TJ Max, Dillards, Macy's etc. I found a pair of sevens on sale for "cheap" ( I am using this term relativly) and bought them. Mostly becuase Eag & Heidi convinced me that my butt looked good and they were long enough which is a miracle in and of itself becuase it is impossible to find jeans long enough for these ostrich legs of mine. Purchase made.

We went home, ate dinner, took heidi to the airport and then went to bed. Woke up the next morning early and headed home. We had an hour or so before eag needed to be home so we went shopping in huntington. I got another pair of jeans and some REALLY cute heels. Black guys and brown croc guys. Too bad when I wear them I will be taller than Dan. Ooops. Awesome vacation with awesome people. Next year we are going to do it again. Probably at lake powell on a house boat. Any takers? Then it's Hawaii in 2010. So start saving your pennies.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

[Sept 27] Vegas Vacation--Day Two

Here we are. The only picture of the three of us taken in as many days. Day two started off late due to the extremely late bedtime the night before. We headed off to do some SERIOUS shopping. We went to this mall Kara recommended to us and it just happened to be outdoors. For future reference: Shopping in an outdoor mall in Vegas will make you have lots of back sweat. And right armpit sweat if you are me. Yeah only righty sweats. We did get to spend hours in a large H&M store trying on endless amounts of outfits and even ended up purchasing some of them. I got a SUPER CUTE mustard colored corduroy jacket(that shall now be referred to as "Mustard Guy") for $35 bucks. As we were walking past another store I saw a mustard guy in the window for $65 bucks. I was happy. After the all day shopping event we went home and ate and prepared for another night on the strip.
Heidi wanted to do the Big Shot on top of the Stratosphere so we drove all the way to the far end of the strip to make it happen. We went to buy tickets and they had a deal which of course we could not pass up: $25 bucks for the elevator up to the top and your choice of TWO rides. We chose the big shot and another ride called the Xscream. They had no pictures of the rides, just a small hand drawn diagram of what the ride looked like. The XScream was displayed as a teeter-totter type mild ride. I thought Okay lets do it. Little did I know that at this point Heidi was in deed trying to kill me. Here's what the XScream really looked like:

Umm please keep in mind that we were 866 FEET ABOVE the strip with nothing below us.
When we were standing in line I got this really sick feeling that the ride was going to just break and go sliding off the end of the track. As we got closer I got sweatier and more nervous. Then I had to take my glasses off and load in the seat. Don't worry, we were in the 2nd row. How lucky. When the ride began teetering and tottering, I began screaming and bawling. No really, like the super ugly cry, I'm going to die right now bawling and wailing and shrieking and tears shooting out of my eyes and making their way 866 feet down to the street. At one point during the death trap I looked over at heidi and she was frozen with fear. Completly terrified. Finally the ride from hell ended and the man sitting in front of me had to help me get out of my seat because I was shaking so bad and felt light headed. Then when we walked in to view our pictures all of the employees were talking about how scared I was. Humiliation at its finest. And yes, I paid $25 for it. I have been skydiving and swam with sharks in a homemade cage made of PVC pipe and chicken wire. This was WAY more scary. Here is a picture of the strip from up on the Stratosphere. Sorry it's blurry, it took about 30 minutes for me to stop shaking. Next we made our way to the Bellagio to fill another one of Heidi's demands: Seeing the "ballers" betting hundreds of thousands of dollars on one hand of poker behind velvet ropes. When we got to the Belaggio we went through the gardens and ran into one of our old neighbors from Hawaii, Jamie Morgan and her new husband. Crazy! What are the odds? It was fun to see her and catch up after all these years.After saying goodbye to Jamie, we went in search of the big players. For about an hour. Players that were supposed to be behind red velvet ropes betting large sums of money that we never found. It was at this point I realized that what heidi saw last time was most likely a poker tournament. I was SO tired from all the crying and almost dying and the walking and the searching that I made Heidi buy us gelato to make up for it all. Boy was it good. Thanks Heid. We made it home and once again, went to bed no sooner than 3am.

Friday, October 3, 2008

[Sept 26] Vegas Vacation---Day One

Yup, I'm back from sin city very sleep deprived (thanks to one miss heidi) but all in one piece. Just in case you want to know, what follows is an account of THE BEST VACATION EVER:

I picked up Eag in huntington and we made great time driving out to vegas. We even stopped at some outlets and started shopping before we got into town. We unpacked at our awesome condo that only cost me $35 thanks to Don & Trish (eags parents) and their timeshare points. Boo-yaw! We picked up heidi from the airport at like 10:30 in the pm and I made Eag promise me to not let Heidi keep us up late. Whoops. 3am finally rolls around and we forced ahoy matey into bed. She is still a NIGHT OWL!!

Sidenote: Dan got a really bad migraine the night I left and took his nose spray and then whilst puking in the toilet, Choob woke up from a nightmare. Needless to say he had a restless night himself and had me totally worried....for about five minutes until the gossip got really juicy and distracted me.

We slept in the next morning, (awesome since today The Choob rose at 4:30 in the am) and I donned my mom bathing suit from target. Needless to say, you won't see any pictures of yours truly floating round and round in the lazy river. We made our way down to the pool and lazy river, layed out, read Us Weekly, snacked on crap, and talked till it was dinner time.

Then we went to meet Kara (our old roommate at the Hawaiian House) for some fine dining at the Cheesecake Factory. It was so fun to see her again especially since I thought she would never talk to me again after her last visit. I met her at Sea World and Choob had the most unimaginable meltdown of all time and cut our visit short.

After a very lengthy dinner, we walked through the forum shops at Caesars palace and attempted to buy gelato but then found out it was $10 dollars. What the crap? Highlights of the evening included Heidi attempting to wear a coat made of HUMAN HAIR at dolce & gabana and me attempting to take a picture of her in it until the guard kindly asked us to leave, Heidi running in every store to look at purses that she could "get us for cheap from china", and me thinking How on earth do people have enough money to actually purchase the items in these shops? Once again, the night ended with a 3am bedtime.